Antique Silver Kitchen Ceramic Pumpkin Pulls/Knobs for Cabinets, Cupboard Dresser and Drawers- 10 pack

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  • Antique silver and grey granite/marble finish ceramic knobs. Knob size 1.5x1.5 inch
  • Hardware included: 25mm, 22mm screws, DIY screws (adjustable from 20-45 mm) and spring lock washers
A kitchen can be a busy and messy place and the last thing you want to do is wash and dry your hands before opening cabinets and drawers. The ceramic material can be easily cleaned off and would not spoil. Save a trip to the local hardware store to find the right size of the screw. 3 different screw sizes are provided with a spring lock washer. Either the 22mm or 25mm screws should fit most drawers and cabinets. For non-typical widths, the DIY adjustable screw can be cut to the required size. Spring lock washer ensures a tight fit and knobs would not come loose with use. Beware of cheap imitations.